SF Connected Blog Supports Connected Aging

We found this interesting post in the Department of Aging and Adult Services’ New Blog at sfconnected.org…  A Framework for Understanding Technologies that Support Older Adults in Aging in Place We are at the dawning of “Connected Aging” in which the growing array of Internet-based technologies and mobile devices increasingly will support older adults to […]

City Hall Transformed To A Place of Learning

Thanks to Jack Chin, Tom Loftus and skilled folks at SFGovTV, we have featured highlights from the 2012 Aging and Disabilities Technology Summit to share and to remember. On May 15th, City Hall was transformed by the  team of organizations listed below to host a stimulating day of speakers, workshops and hands-on learning. What was […]

What Is Tyze?

What is Tyze and why do I keep seeing and hearing about it here in San Francisco? Tyze was developed by the PLAN Institute of Canada and San Francisco was an early Beta testing site, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. When life is challenging, you don’t have to go it alone if […]

Martha Never Left the Neighborhood

In the early days of the Community Living Campaign, we struggled with how to develop the small, basic building blocks that make up the foundation of a grass-roots community organizing campaign – you know, the equivalent of the old fashioned house meeting.  The hope was to provide practical support to neighbors while  beginning to look […]