Join the Final Push on This Year’s City Budget

Get Connected! Stay Connected! Public Hearing June 21 at 10:00 at City Hall The Board of Supervisors will hold its last big public hearing on Friday June 21 at 10:00 a.m. before finalizing recommendations from the Budget and Finance Committee to the full Board for Fiscal Years 2013-14 and 2014-15. The Mayor has recommended funding to maintain […]

Woo Hoo – Mayor Lee Supports Digital Inclusion!

We were sooo happy to hear the Mayor and see his proposed budget today.   Our efforts through the Keep Us Connected Campaign put access to computers, training and support high on our list. While we thought there might be good news, seeing it in writing makes it real.  The Mayor’s budget said… “In 2010, […]

Town Hall Meetings on the Budget – Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Today, Mayor Ed Lee and members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors announced a series of Budget Townhall meetings, with the first set for this Saturday.   These are good opportunities for residents to learn more about the City’s priorities and make their issues know.   We hope you will come and make your […]

City Hall Transformed To A Place of Learning

Thanks to Jack Chin, Tom Loftus and skilled folks at SFGovTV, we have featured highlights from the 2012 Aging and Disabilities Technology Summit to share and to remember. On May 15th, City Hall was transformed by the  team of organizations listed below to host a stimulating day of speakers, workshops and hands-on learning. What was […]

Keep Your Brain Fit By Engaging On-line

Back by popular demand, Michael Merzenich, Ph.D was a main speaker during the plenary session at the Aging and Disability Technology Summit.  Dr. Merzenich is the chief scientific officer for Posit Science.  For more than three decades, he has been the leading pioneer in brain plasticity research – the ability of the brain to contantly change, grow, […]

Summit Registration is Open

It is time to close the digital divide so that all of us, regardless of age, income or abilities, can tap its amazing potential for social engagement, health and well-being, financial security, and opportunities for social action, creative expression and life-long learning. Sign up to be an active part of this movement by registering to […]

What Is Tyze?

What is Tyze and why do I keep seeing and hearing about it here in San Francisco? Tyze was developed by the PLAN Institute of Canada and San Francisco was an early Beta testing site, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. When life is challenging, you don’t have to go it alone if […]

Mission*Social – Our New Collaborative Work Space

 We have a cool new work place while we organize the Aging and Disability Technology Summit on May 15th at City Hall.   We share this space with lots of interesting groups, including the Community Technology Network (CTN), a partner in the City’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP).  Our address is 972 Mission Street, 5th […]

Here Comes Skype!!

With new computers finding there way to senior and community centers all over town, time to roll our trainings.  For the Community Living Campaign, we are beginning at most sites with a  Skype training.  Here Marie’s daughter, Amy, volunteered to help residents of Bethany Center chat with each other in different rooms and even to […]