Comcast Holiday Event Brings Gifts and Low Cost Connections for Seniors

Comcast and its Community partners brought low cost internet connections, free computers and more to seniors in a special holiday event hosted at Eastern Park Apartments.   Another fun registration event is coming soon.  Watch this space for details.  In the meantime. you can get more information and sign-up for Internet Essentials by going to […]

Keep Us Connected Campaign Delivers 2000+ Postcards

Last week, we delivered over 2,000 postcards from people all over the City with our message to City Hall: It’s time to close the digital divide for seniors and adults with disabilities. Staying connected and engaged is key to reducing isolation, promoting brain fitness and lifelong learning, keeping us connected to our health providers and to […]

Keeping Your Brain Fit As You Age

The Cayuga Community Connectors hosted Dr. Christian Thompson for a very-well attended and entertaining talk on brain fitness this month. And he began with the great news that cognitive exercises can actually improve our memory – even in cases where there’s already been some memory decline. To keep your mind fit, Dr. Chris recommends: Eating well and […]

Keep Your Brain Fit By Engaging On-line

Back by popular demand, Michael Merzenich, Ph.D was a main speaker during the plenary session at the Aging and Disability Technology Summit.  Dr. Merzenich is the chief scientific officer for Posit Science.  For more than three decades, he has been the leading pioneer in brain plasticity research – the ability of the brain to contantly change, grow, […]