Celebrating Good Neighbors

Community Living Campaign held our second annual event to honor neighbors who volunteer their time to make a difference in their community.  The ARC was transformed on May 6 into a neighborhood block party, with lots of good food, conversation, fun photos, and even a few prizes. 
This year, we honored 10 stand-out neighbors who volunteer their time and passions to help make our communities safer, healthier places for all.  We thank you!
  1. Randolph James (Bayview Food Network)
  2. Delfina Pelayo (Cayuga Connectors)
  3. Henry Khalil (Computer Training & Access)
  4. Sara Taylor (Connections for Healthy Aging)
  5. Mark Cambell (Laguna Honda Computer Club)
  6. Saralyn Archie (OMI Food Network)
  7. Cathy Russo (Park Merced University Park Food Network)
  8. Janet Tom (St. Francis Square Community Living Committee)
  9. Tricia Cardillo (Goldsmith Vision & Hearing)
  10. Dignity Dog! (Organizing)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

HP UNITI Celebrates Strong Leadership

Having Pride UNITI hosted their 4th Annual Queen for a Day Program honoring community leaders for the Bayview and beyond at Southeast Community Center on Sunday, April 30.  This year’s honoree are Barbara (Bobbie) Cooper, Laura Ford, Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt (pictured right) and Geneva Whitfield (honored posthumously).  Roland James, Chester Williams, John Smith, Vernice Ross and other leaders in HP UNITI provided the inspiration portion of the program, which also including music by the DJays Alonso and Dwayne, piano stylings by the young and talented Stephanie Woodford, Our Lady of Lourdes Men’s Choir.  Another highlight was comedic offerings of the delightful Mother Onion.  A special thank you is due to Ms. Jackie Norman for the lovely hall decorations, Pat and Oscar James for their culinary skills and loving spirit, and to the FivePoint for their financial support of this event.  

Connections for Healthy Aging Expands Workshop Options

Lizette Martinez leads a session on Surviving a Hospital Stay for seniors at Aquatic Park and NEXT Village folks.

Community Living Campaign is happy to announce even more Connections for Healthy Aging Workshop offerings, including a range of topics in Spanish as well as new topics around suicide prevention and healthy foods. Most workshops are about 2 hours, and can be offered alone or in combination. We also offer a longer, 4-week Connections for Healthy Aging workshop series to empower participants to better advocate for themselves and others.

To schedule a free workshop for your organization on the Vial of Life, Surviving a Hospital Stay, Advance Directives, our Empowered Elder “To Do” List, Suicide Prevention, Healthy Eating, or one of our other topics, contact lizette@sfcommunityliving.org. Available in Spanish and English.

Openhouse Senior Men’s Group learns more about Advance Directives and how to advocate for themselves and others in the hospital.

This winter, CLC’s trainers joined with Openhouse’s Senior Men’s Group for an informative two-part series on hospital rights. In the first session, the gentlemen learned about advanced directives with our amazing volunteer presenter Sara Taylor, J.D.  Ms. Taylor taught the group about the intricacies of this legal document and how to better prepare for difficult end-of-life decisions. The group’s facilitator, Duff Axsom, welcomed us for a second session focused on patients’ rights during a hospital stay. We shared a powerful discussion about experiences in prior hospitalizations and how we can ensure our voice is heard while in vulnerable situations. CLC’s presenter, Maria Guillen, knew this would hold positive ramifications for our community because many of us are unaware of the resources available to us. The men shared openly and felt better connected to their needs, desires, and each other. One participant shared: “I feel like we had a difficult conversation that needed to happen. I’m so glad we had the guidance and information you brought us today. Thank you, thank you.”

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Support Grows Through OMI Luncheon

The LCOS Breast Cancer Support Group, located in San Francisco’s OMI neighborhood, held it’s annual luncheon at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior on October 13. The luncheon included a wonderful presentation by guest speaker Gigi Hill-Hopkins, African American Holistic Wellness Program Director at the Bayview YMCA.  She focused on how we can all stay healthy throughout our lives.

The Breast Cancer Support Group meets on the third Thursdays of the month, For more information please contact the Community Living Campaign at 415-821-1003 or Barbara Tate at 415- 505-5899 or the-lcos@sbcglobal.net.

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Dignity Day Helps Build Momentum for Prop I


I for Independence and Interdependence! Vote Yes to invest in seniors and people with disabilities.

September 23 was Dignity Day and the community of supporters and elected leaders gathered to show their support for Proposition I – The Dignity Fund.  Mayor Lee and members of the Board of Supervisors spoke of the importance of supporting seniors and adult with disabilities.  Community leaders shared their stories about how Prop I will make a difference.  And around the city, Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers distributed information about this November 8 ballot measure to meal sites.  Hundreds of seniors, adults with disabilities and their supporters showed their enthusiastic support by pledging to help get the word out with house signs, phone banking and outreach engagements.  You can learn more about how you can help here.  Enjoy the pictures and remember to vote Yes on Prop I!