New Aging 360 Workshop Brings ‘Delight’ Factor to Growing Older

“It is important to look at the ‘delight’ factor not just the safety factor when making changes to one’s home. As we get older we spend more time at home and our home has to fit us like a glove.” — Susanne Stadler, Co-Founder of AHWGO.

We’re honored to sponsor an exciting new workshop series produced by our friends, At Home With Growing Older. The series, called Aging 360, is designed to help older adults age with “safety and delight.” The three workshops were a huge success.

At Home With Growing Older launched in 2009 as a fiscally sponsored project of Community Living Campaign and we are thrilled to see their vision truly take off. They’re now ready to spin off and become their own nonprofit organization. We can’t wait to see what exciting things they will do next!

BERKELEY, CA:  At Home With Growing Older (AHWGO), a Bay Area nonprofit is launching a creative workshop series, ‘Aging 360’ that teaches participants how to turn their home into an ally that supports a healthy aging experience with safety and delight.

The first of these workshops is being held in San Francisco’s Outer Mission neighborhood, (Cayuga) at Bethel Community Center, 2525 Alemany at Ottawa in a three-part series, June 20th, 22nd, 27th from 10 am to 11:30am. This series is being sponsored by the Community Living Campaign, San Francisco.

AHWGO developed this workshop as a response to a growing need for private homes, from apartments to houses, to adapt to changing personal needs as one ages and to unlock the potential of one’s home as a resource for healthy aging.

  • The number of Californians age 65 and older will grow from 13 percent today to 19 percent by 2030 – rising from 5 million to 8.6 million.
  • A large portion of older Americans cannot afford costly retirement communities or 24/7 care yet do not qualify for assistance from government or nonprofit programs.2

“It is important to look at the ‘delight’ factor not just the safety factor when making changes to one’s home. As we get older we spend more time at home and our home has to fit us like a glove”.  Susanne Stadler, Co-Founder of AHWGO.

The workshop is being taught by thr interdisciplinary AHWGO team, an architect, industrial designer and geriatric social worker. Participants will learn about age-friendly design beyond grab bars and ramps and engage in creative exercises that will allow them to re-envision their home and make improvements that fit their personal short and long term needs.

About At Home With Growing Older: AHWGO was founded in 2009 by an architect and social worker as an interdisciplinary and intergenerational platform to gather professionals, thinkers, activists, and academics interested in more deeply considering the tremendous challenge to “being at home with growing older” with more information, awareness, imagination, and pro-active, cross-disciplinary inquiry.

AHWGO is part of a growing movement that promotes integrated solutions focusing on the home and its context, rather than an institutional environment, as the major contributor to healthy aging.

AHWGO sponsors monthly, interdisciplinary learning forums with the goal to spark conversations and encourage collaboration among disciplines leading to tools and services across life stages towards being ‘at home with growing older’.

AHWGO is developing creative, educational tools such as Aging 360 that engage seniors in being the agents for their own aging experience.

The organization serves individuals, organizations, corporations, cities and neighborhoods.

If you are interested in becoming an ally of our movement, participate in our workshops  or attend one of our free monthly forums in Berkeley and San Francisco, please sign up on our website.

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