HP UNITI Celebrates Strong Leadership

Having Pride UNITI hosted their 4th Annual Queen for a Day Program honoring community leaders for the Bayview and beyond at Southeast Community Center on Sunday, April 30.  This year’s honoree are Barbara (Bobbie) Cooper, Laura Ford, Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt (pictured right) and Geneva Whitfield (honored posthumously).  Roland James, Chester Williams, John Smith, Vernice Ross and other leaders in HP UNITI provided the inspiration portion of the program, which also including music by the DJays Alonso and Dwayne, piano stylings by the young and talented Stephanie Woodford, Our Lady of Lourdes Men’s Choir.  Another highlight was comedic offerings of the delightful Mother Onion.  A special thank you is due to Ms. Jackie Norman for the lovely hall decorations, Pat and Oscar James for their culinary skills and loving spirit, and to the FivePoint for their financial support of this event.  

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