Holiday Giving



Each year, we work with Glide Memorial Methodist Church and local neigborhood groups to provide a special Holiday delivery in the Bayview, OMI and Parkmerced neighborhoods. This will be our fourth year to provide turkey & trimmings as a special treat to those over the holiday season, as a reminder that they are valued members of our community. Each year Glide has been our main sponsor to provide us with the turkeys and trimmings and we are very grateful that they are committed to continue.  They are generously providing 1200 turkeys and 1000 bags of holiday fixing.  But the need has grown so much over the past year.  

In the Bayview, OMI and Parkmerced neighborhoods, we currently have 1421 seniors and families already signed up and hoping to receive their Christmas Dinner to be picked up and delivered by their neighbors on December 13, 2017.  As most of you already know, HUNGER is a huge issue in the Bayview, OMI, and other neighborhood. Helping people access food is critical when they have so many other issues to face on a limited income. 

I’m hoping that you can help us serve those additional families that include seniors and people with disabilities.  We have $2,000 in pledges so far, but need to raise another $6,500 over the next two weeks.  Can you help so that 321 families (our current gap)  are not left out and have Christmas Dinner on the table on Christmas Day? 


Thank You and Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season!