Featured Blogs

Featured Blogs

Yoga = Art and Science: http://www.yogaartandscience.com/pblog/?tag=healthy-aging
Harry Carpenter’s Blog: http://www.enigmatime.com/
Reflect on one senior’s serious musing on the state of the world, our country, and what is important.

San Francisco FYI Blog: http://sanfranciscofyi.blogspot.com/
San Francisco primer site for staying aware of and active in the political process in San Francisco, with regular calendar postings and pictures from Linda Post.

It’s Normal: http://www.itsnormal.org/
The official blog of the Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco

Engage As You Age: http://engageasyouage.com/blog/
Engage As You Age creates inter-generational connections between creative people and homebound or isolated older adults and seniors. How? By pairing a smart, empathetic Activity Specialist with a senior who shares his or her interests and passions.

A Friendly House: AFriendlyHouse.com
Longtime journalist Lynette Evans, along with other talented contributors, has created A Friendly House to provide education, tips and an online community for people interested in well designed homes with safety as a priority.

At Home With Growing Old: http://athomewithgrowingold.com/
AHWGO (At Home With Growing Old) was started in 2009 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Susanne Stadler, an architect, and Natasha Boissier, a social worker, with the goal to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue among experts, thinkers, activists and designers on the topic of aging.

Nadar Shabahangi of Agesong offers regular musings on aging, care, and other unfashionable observations. Nader Shabahangi is a cofounder of AgeSong and noted author and guest lecturer. Join him here as he shares his thoughts on aging, the need for community, and other insights

Participle: http://www.participle.net/categories/show/ageing/
A series of thought-provoking essays from the United Kingdom exploring the future public realm.