Elder Abuse Prevention

As isolation and loneliness increase, so does the incidence of elder abuse.   It can take many forms – physical, emotional, financial, neglect and self-neglect.  The Department of Aging and Adult Services is urging all of its contractors and partners to make sure staff and volunteers are aware of and have access to resources and support to address this issue.

A special thank you to Shauna Reeves of the Elder Abuse Consortium and Jason Adamek from the Department of Aging and Adult Services for helping provide the resources below.

Materials available for download:  

Links to online resources for teaching and discussion:

1)    Be a Savvy Senior Rap – by Mary Twomey for the Aging and Disability Summit, CLC YouTube Channel (3 min.)

2)    Recognizing and Preventing Elder Abuse Webinar – at IOA website, done by Community Technology  Network (35 min.)