Goldsmith Vision and Hearing Initiative

San Francisco’s At-Risk Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities are benefitting from a grant from the Francis Goldsmith Fund through United Way of the Bay Area.  With this grant, the Community Living Campaign is building community-based and on-line networks of support for isolated and at-risk seniors and individuals with disabilities, especially those with vision and hearing loss.  Vision and Hearing loss can lead to isolation and more rapid decline in health and well-being.

To help people stay connected and engaged with their community as well as to health and educational and supportive services, CLC focuses on introducing and teaching about new tools such as assistive technology and social media.  We have compiled  a Directory of Resources for Assistance With Vision and Hearing Disabilities.

Over 19,500 San Francisco seniors 60 and older (12.7%) have a hearing disability and over 11,300 have significant vision loss.  Nearly a third of all seniors (34,000 over age 65) live alone.  The number of seniors over 85 – the group with the highest rate of disability – is growing.   Community Living Campaign has been working to decrease isolation and related health impacts, for seniors and people with disabilities by engaging them with networks of support and opportunities to connect with services and contribute to the community.

The Francis Goldsmith Vision and Hearing Initiative offers CLC a unique opportunity to expand our efforts to reach these seniors and people with disabilities. With this funding, CLC is:

  • Showcasing accessible computers, making hardware and computer training available to individuals with vision and/or hearing challenges in more than 50 locations around the city
  • Providing seniors with assistive technologies (hearing aids, glasses, readers, and other adaptive tools).    
  • Leading on-site training and support for Adult Day Services participants on accessible computers to strengthen their on-line social networks and access to information. 
  • To reach a broader group of individuals with vision and hearing loss, CLC have has community connectors who are experienced with hearing and vision challenges and have bi-lingual skills to support seniors in the community. 
  • CLC will also convene community, service provider and government agencies to improve the coordination of the public-private services system.    

Community Living Campaign Community Connector LaNay Eastman has gathered information of the resources available in San Francisco for seniors living with vision or hearing disabilities:

Directory of Resources for Assistance With Vision and Hearing Disabilities Second Edition 10.13

For more information or to suggest additional resources, contact LaNay at or call (650) 823-8471.

Additional information, including additional resources and opportunities for involvement, is available at Community Living Campaign (415-821-1003 ex. 1 or