Keep Us Connected – Social Media Tips

Sharing our stories – why computers and staying connected are important to us – helps make SF Connected more than an abstract program. With your help, the importance of computer access for seniors and people with disabilities becomes real and memorable.

What’s Your Story? Make it personal, positive, and short!

MH-marieWhy does SF Connected matter to you? What is something you’ve been able to do because of access to computers and new skills to use them? Have you been able to connect with friends or family? Find information about health issues? Stay on top of the news? Make new friends at the computer lab? Find activities or resources in your neighborhood you didn’t know about? How does this make you feel?

Take a photo! Pictures make your story even more persuasive. Have someone take a photo of you on the computer. Download and print a Keep Us Connected sign, customize it and have someone take your photo.

Keep Us Connected Campaign on Facebook

We are collecting stories and photos on our Keep Us Connected page. Social media has become an important way to show decision makers how important an issue is to their constituents. We’ll be sharing and posting stories throughout this budget campaign.

You don’t even need your own Facebook account to join in! Here are a few ways you can share your story:

  • DSC_0158Stop by the Valencia Gardens computer lab at 360 Valencia Street any Monday between 9:30 and 11:30 – we’ll be there with blank signs and plenty of one-on-one help.
  • Email a photo and a few lines about why computer access is important to you to And we’ll do the work of getting your story posted for you. You can download printable letter-size signs and legal-size signs for photos.
  • Go to the Keep Us Connected page and share or comment on one of the posts. This increases how many people will see the post. And you can use the comments to share why computer access is important to you.
  • Post a photo to your own Facebook page and share it with our Keep Us Connected pageIf you want to get even more advanced, you can reach out even further to your Supervisor or the Mayor by sharing your post with them (tag your photo, send a message, share to their page where possible).
  • Schedule a free social media advocacy workshop. If you have a site or group with lots of seniors and people with disabilities, we’re happy to come to you with materials, social media tips, and plenty of help for sharing your stories with decision makers and others. Contact us at 415-821-1003 ext. 1 or for more information.

Keep Us Connected Campaign on Twitter

We’re also sharing stories, photos, and videos on our Twitter page: @clctweets. As with Facebook, you don’t need to be on Twitter to take part.

Not on Twitter? We can help you share your story. Stop by 360 Valencia on Mondays, email us a story and/or photo, or schedule a social media advocacy workshop.

On Twitter? Follow @clctweets and retweet our stories and photos to your own followers.

Tweet your own photo and story. Be sure to include @clctweets and #keepusconnected as part of your message. Reach out even further by including the Mayor or your Supervisor in your tweet.