Keep Us Connected Campaign 2015

ADTS_join260The SF Connected Program provides seniors and people with disabilities with computer training and access to help keep them connected to friends, family, as well as health and other vital information. There are currently over 55 SF Connected sites in senior centers and other community spaces that offer free computer access and training.

What can you do?

Sign Our Online Postcard: Ask the Mayor and your Supervisor to strengthen the SF Connected Program to help close the ever-widening digital divide. We’ll print out your postcard and deliver it along with all the others we collect at the Board of Supervisors Hearing on June 19th. Join us if you can!

DearSupervisor-KeepUsConnectedDear Mayor and Supervisors

Everybody wants to feel included. We want to stay connected to our family, our friends, our healthcare providers, to job and lifelong learning opportunities, and to our world.

For seniors and people with disabilities computer trainers and volunteer tutors are our guides to using computers and the Internet. They are patient and friendly. They speak our language (Cantonese, Russian, Spanish, English and more) and understand our needs.

The SF Connected program has helped many of us. But almost one third of SF seniors and people with disabilities are still not online.

Please continue to support SF Connected and commit $750,000 more annually so that the program can reach even more people. All seniors and people with disabilities deserve to stay connected.


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Help Spread the Word

1. Join Us at City Hall: Join us as we set up a table to collect postcards every Tuesday starting June 2 from 11:30 to 1:30 on the plaza side of City Hall.

2. Be responsible for bringing postcards to groups you belong to and collecting to bring or mail back by June 16to 1360 to 1340 Mission Street, 4th Floor – just email to tell us how many and what languages and we will get them to you.

For your convenience, you can also download and print out postcards in English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and VietnameseFor phone, email, and social media links, see our Useful Contacts page.

3. Join the Conversation on Facebook: KeepUsConnectedCampaign. Find current updates, photos and videos to share.

4. Download and Share More Information from our Keep Us Connected Campaign Materials page.

What are we asking for?

This year’s Keep Us Connected Campaign is asking for funding to expand and improve computer access and learning. Based on SF Connected partners’ experience with the existing program and through months of discussion and planning, we submitted a proposal to the Dept of Aging and Adult Services on February 23, 2015 to strengthen and expand the SF Connected Program.  The starting place was items that were requested but not funded in 2013 with our first Keep Us Connected Campaign, which worked to get City funding to replace the federal stimulus dollars used to start the program.  At that time, we were successful in getting $1.4 million dollars in funding for the Department of Aging and Adult Services and SF Connected Partners to keep the computers updated and the training continuing.  Now that this program is in the City’s baseline budget, it’s time to expand to improve access and learning.

This year’s Keep Us Connected campaign goals include:

Hiring more computer trainers, tutors and volunteer coordinators, a majority of whom we hope will be seniors and adults with disabilities.

Increasing the number of bi-lingual trainers and tutors and those with experience in assistive technology to better reach those with a loss in vision, hearing, dexterity or other disabilities.

Strengthen the ability to measure and to report outcomes.

Provide small amounts of funding to active lab sites to cover program costs like paper, ink cartridges, and replace mice, modems, head phones and other small items.

Offer assistance to individuals to use and to maintain their own equipment through regular Tech Support events in different neighborhoods and through roving “Help Desks”.

Provide on-going staff support to the newly formed community-based SF Tech Council, creating a public/private partnership to raise additional resources and improving collaboration to close the digital divide in San Francisco.

We have developed a detailed budget for how the funds might be used, and the total ask is for $750,000.

Over the next several months, we will add material about this Campaign and  how you can help make sure seniors and and people with disabilities stay connected.

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