Connect Online

San Fran­cisco was one of the for­tu­nate com­mu­ni­ties to be awarded a fed­eral stim­u­lus grant to help bridge the dig­i­tal divide as part of the Broad­band Tech­nol­ogy Oppor­tu­ni­ties Pro­gram (BTOP).

This pro­gram is a federally-funded ini­tia­tive that offers broad­band Inter­net access to seniors and adults with dis­abil­i­ties in San Fran­cisco. Basic com­puter and Inter­net train­ing classes are offered to stim­u­late broad­band usage and adoption.

More infor­ma­tion about the over-all pro­gram and the list of new com­puter sites under devel­op­ment, go to or call (415) 355‑3555.

For Com­mu­nity Liv­ing Cam­paign com­puter labs and social media train­ing, go the You will find a list of classes and open lab times at 360 Valen­cia Street as well as train­ings we are offer­ing around the city. You will also find links to other resources.

To con­nect with the wider com­mu­nity of com­puter and tech­nol­ogy train­ing and sup­port, go to You will find links to train­ing sites, cur­ricu­lum, and much much more.

The Com­mu­nity Liv­ing Cam­paign is an orga­ni­za­tional part­ner with the Bay Area Com­mu­nity Exchange Time­bank, where peo­ple can exchange their time and tal­ent. Join the BACE Time­bank and you will find a great way to give and to get com­puter train­ing and sup­port. For more infor­ma­tion or to sign up, go to or email