Celebrating Good Neighbors

Community Living Campaign held our second annual event to honor neighbors who volunteer their time to make a difference in their community.  The ARC was transformed on May 6 into a neighborhood block party, with lots of good food, conversation, fun photos, and even a few prizes. 
This year, we honored 10 stand-out neighbors who volunteer their time and passions to help make our communities safer, healthier places for all.  We thank you!
  1. Randolph James (Bayview Food Network)
  2. Delfina Pelayo (Cayuga Connectors)
  3. Henry Khalil (Computer Training & Access)
  4. Sara Taylor (Connections for Healthy Aging)
  5. Mark Cambell (Laguna Honda Computer Club)
  6. Saralyn Archie (OMI Food Network)
  7. Cathy Russo (Park Merced University Park Food Network)
  8. Janet Tom (St. Francis Square Community Living Committee)
  9. Tricia Cardillo (Goldsmith Vision & Hearing)
  10. Dignity Dog! (Organizing)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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