Aging While Black Forum – Visitacion Valley

Article by Deloris McGee, Photos by Etta Jones

The community came out to get information on aging at The Village in Visitacion Valley on February 13. LaVaughn King, Executive Director of Reducing Stress in the Southeast, was the skilled moderator for this event.  Uverda Harry gave such a resounding presentation that the community wanted her to continue.  Makula  Goodwin gave the statistics surrounding Glaucoma in the African American community. And she made sure that seniors knew that they should get their eyes checked.  She also spoke on caregiving for the elderly and how to find good resources at a reasonable price.  This is a service that most seniors have a problem paying for.

Wanda Materra asked the question in her Mental Health Presentation “what did we think mental illness was and was there a stigma attached to it that most people will not go for treatment?”  She stated that we have to eliminate the stigma so that people can get help.  And that we must help our families and friends who are suffering from this disease.

There was a lunch served after the presentation and a drawing for gifts.   One of the attendees said that this forum should be given in each housing complex so that seniors can be aware of the resources and services that is available to them.


2 Responses to “Aging While Black Forum – Visitacion Valley”
  1. Carolyn Gage says:

    Great Job Ladies! Beautiful Queens. Love you all. Sorry I was unable to attend but I got the word out. Keep up the good work. Your labor will not be in vain.

    Carolyn Gage

  2. carolyn taylor says:

    I attended this wonderful presentation and luncheon. The information you will not hear or learn about no place else except at these talks in our own neighborhoods and senior communities.Thanks and keep up the good work.