ACA, Medicare & Medi-Cal

California took a significant step forward toward achieving access to health care for all in January 2014, when Medi-Cal expansion and subsidized coverage through Covered California began providing millions of low and middle income Californians with access to care. But this change comes with particular challenges and opportunities.  And finding simple to understand resources can be challenging.

In September 2013, Senior and Disability Action (SDA) and a host of other organizations worked to organize a Forum on this issue. The material provided there, as well as other useful information, is available through the links below.

NSCLC Medi-Cal Expansion Factsheet

SDA Medi-Cal Factsheet

ACA & Medi-Cal Expansion Scenarios

Resources for Understanding Your Options

Share Your Story Flier

San Francisco’s Long-Term Care Coordinating Council, in collaboration with the Department of Aging and Adult Services, appointed a Long Term Care Integration (LTCI) Design Group to: (1) explore the potential for LTCI in San Francisco; (2) determine what is required to improve the provision of long-term services and supports (LTSS) that will benefit older adults and adults with disabilities; and (3) develop an LTCI Strategic Plan that includes recommendations to guide improvements in the organization, availability, and financing of LTSS.  These final reports are available through the links below.  

 LTCI Strategic Plan Summary

LTCI Strategic Plan