Good Neighbors: Cayuga

Throughout San Francisco, dedicated neighbors volunteer their time to help seniors and people with disabilities get the resources and support they need to age and thrive in their own homes and neighborhoods. We will be featuring some of their stories each month.

Glenda Glenda has lived in San Francisco’s Cayuga neighborhood for 45 years, but with her dedicated work as a Presbyterian minister and founder of SafeHouse in the Tenderloin, she hadn’t had much time to get to know her neighbors. When she retired, she turned her energy and talents to increasing connections among her neighbors.  “I realized that I was going to retire, but that didn’t mean I was going to sit in my house and retire from life,” she said. “I looked around the neighborhood where I had lived for so long…and there were a lot of people living here who didn’t know each other, including me, and I just though we should get to know each other.”

Together with Patti Spaniak, Glenda and her neighbors have grown their intergenerational network to over 85 people. The Cayuga Community Connectors get together three times a week for senior exercise classes, hold potlucks and tag sales, bring in speakers on healthy aging, organize emergency preparedness workshops and supplies, and much more. They’re doing what Glenda set out to do: “turning strangers into neighbors, and neighbors into friends.”

neighborhoods-Cayuga-Google-v2Just recently, Glenda fell ill. A neighbor saw the ambulance and offered to ride with her. She ended up taking Glenda’s dog to her home. Another neighbor started calling other Cayuga Connectors. Over the next two weeks, various neighbors sat with Glenda for hours in ER; visited in the hospital; did several loads of laundry; took turns caring for her dog; brought soup, pasta and special casserole dishes; drove Glenda to her follow-up doctor visit; organized a beautiful get well card from the exercise class; and accompanied her on walks as Glenda regained her strength. This is just the most recent example of Cayuga neighbors helping each other with little kindnesses that have a big impact. As Patti says, “Cayuga Connectors is working!”

Studies show that for people to age in their homes, about 20 percent of what they need comes from formal services. The other 80 percent comes from family, friends, and other community members. Fostering these supportive connections and friendships is at the heart of what the Community Living Campaign does. With all of our activities, our goal is to create opportunities for participants to strengthen the friendships and neighborhood supports they need to age and thrive in their own homes.

Getting Around During Super Bowl 50

As CLC started planning for meetings and events  over the next few weeks, it became clear how much Super Bowl 50 may impact our work and travel plans.  So as a public service, we are passing along the information below provided by the Metropolitan Transit Agency (MTA). 

The Bay Area is hosting Super Bowl 50! While the game is in Santa Clara, nine days of activities leading up to the game will be in San Francisco. That means transportation impacts from January 23 to February 12. Whether you’re visiting, working or a resident, plan ahead, pack your patience and take transit, bike or walk where you need to go.

About Super Bowl 50

Artist rendering of Super Bowl 50 Super Bowl City on Market Street  San Francisco activity revolves around two events:

With set-up and take-down, transportation impacts may extend from January 23 – February 12, with these dates subject to change.

Visit for information on Super Bowl City, the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee’s free public fan village in San Francisco, or information related to Super Bowl Week activities happening January 30 through February 7, 2016. The Super Bowl 50 game will be at Levi’s® Stadium in Santa Clara on Sunday, February 7.

We are working closely with the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee and our regional transit partners to ensure that commuters, visitors and locals can get where they need to go as safely and as easily as possible.

Stay Up-to-Date

Many agencies and departments are working hard to finalize the transportation details for this exciting event. Make sure you have access to the latest information.

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Good Neighbors: Park Merced / University Park

Throughout San Francisco, dedicated neighbors volunteer their time to help seniors and people with disabilities get the resources and support they need to age and thrive in their own homes and neighborhoods. We will be featuring some of their stories in our newsletter each month.

Carlos, a volunteer in the Park Merced / University Park Food NetworkMichael and his sister Megan have been delivering groceries to seniors and people with disabilities since 2010Michael and his sister Megan have been delivering healthy groceries to participants in CLC’s Park Merced/University Park food network since 2010. Michael enjoys the personal connections he’s made with participants—and adds, “it’s more than a food delivery – we become part of each other’s lives. We share the joys and frustrations of life.”

Megan describes what a big difference the groceries make for the participants. When they delivered a special holiday turkey and fixings from Glide Memorial Church to one resident, “…he gazed upon the food-laden cart we pushed up to his apartment, he clasped his hands together, looked up toward heaven, and mouthed, ‘Thank you, God.’ His countenance changed as he animatedly explained that his family would be eating well for days to come.”

Carlos came to SF as a teenager from Lima, Peru. He has been packing and delivering groceries in the Parkmerced/University Park food network program for the past several years. One of his favorite delivery stops is a special Grandmother who cooks for every member of her family, grand children and great grandchildren—-she’s always cooking. “She feeds everybody,” Carlos shared. “If we ever having anything extra, I’m sure to give it to her.” Carlos’s caring smile along with the pantry goods makes every delivery extra special.

Make 2016 the year you volunteer or get involved in your community. Chances are good you will change someone’s life for the better—starting with your own! For more information about volunteer opportunities, email us at

Comcast Holiday Event Brings Gifts and Low Cost Connections for Seniors

IE Ambassador Onsite ReigstrationComcast and its Community partners brought low cost internet connections, free computers and more to seniors in a special holiday event hosted at Eastern Park Apartments.   Another fun registration event is coming soon.  Watch this space for details.  In the meantime. you can get more information and sign-up for Internet Essentials by going to their website and/or by calling 1-855-804-8010.

A Thousand Turkeys Fly to Good Homes

DSC_2403Thanks to the generosity of Glide’s Food Program and scores of caring volunteers, 1000 turkeys were delivered to those who could use this holiday blessing. Over 35 organizations came together to help each other deliver turkeys and “fixings” along with information and other special gifts. See more pictures from the OMI, Parkmerced and Bayview Delivery Team.  Special thanks go to Deb Glen and the IT Bookman Community Center in the OMI, Karen Holt and her team for Parkmerced and Stonestown, and Chester Williams and Veronica Shepard with site support from the Bayview YMCA for the Bayview Community.

You can help  throughout the year – we are especially seeking drivers who can help with door to door grocery delivery a few hours each month by contacting