CLC and SF Village Continue Partnership with Connections for Healthy Aging Workshops

Building on the success of the Fall Connections for Healthy Aging Workshop with San Francisco Village, CLC and San Francisco Village will continue to strengthen their partnership by hosting a Spring workshop series.  On Tuesday February 17, SF Village members interested in empowered and healthy aging are invited to an informational meeting to learn more about the content of the 4-week class series that begins in March.

About the Four Week Sessions: Staying healthy and engaged as we age is no easy matter these days. But with a little help from our friends, we can be informed and empowered to do just that. Utilizing techniques for peer learning, this workshop helps weave connections to support healthy aging. Participants will receive a Vial of Life packet and an Empowered Elder To-Do form.   This opportunity is reserved for San Francisco Village members, who should contact Keyatta at

Others interested in bring a Connections for Healthy Aging Workshop series to their community organization should contact CLC Community Connector Marcia Peterzelll at


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Food Network Volunteers Save the Day

Right before Thanksgiving, a change in policies at Temple United Methodist Church required CLC to find an immediate new home for its grocery delivery program, which delivers healthy foods to older or disabled neighbors who cannot stand in lines at the regular food pantries.  Finding a new home base was a particular challenge because local churches and organizations are particularly busy during the holidays.  But the volunteers understood how important these deliveries are. The twice-monthly grocery deliveries help people stretch their food dollars and also stay connected through the phone calls to all that precede every delivery.  So the dedicated neighborhood volunteers stepped up, helped out, and saved the holidays for many.

Over 5 years ago, the Community Living Campaign, with the leadership of Deloris McGee and her friends and neighbors, began delivering fresh fruits, vegetables and staples to low income seniors and people with disabilities who could not use the regular pantry program because of age or disability.  At the heart of the program was a group of leaders who came to the Food Pantry twice a month to pack free, healthy groceries and deliver them to their neighbors in the OMI, Parkmerced (and eventually the Bayview neighborhood).  Deloris retired and moved to Mississippi in November, but her friends and neighbors helped save the day as we worked to deliver groceries without a location for organizing and packing the food.

Without a new site and rain on the way, CLC rented a truck large enough allow us to pack groceries inside if it rained.  We picked up the groceries from the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank and did our work together in the parking lot for Catholic Charities on Broad Street.  Fortunately, just wind but no rain.  The following week, with a smaller truck, we once again picked up pallets of groceries, assembled boxes, and sent them on their way just before the rain drops began to fall.

And as if that wasn’t enough, on the third Wednesday of December, CLC helped organize the delivery of 550 turkeys provided by the Glide Food Program to good homes throughout our three neighborhoods and beyond.  See a future post for more about this Turkeypaloosa event.

None of this would have been possible without an awesome group of neighbors and volunteers, the support of the San Francisco and Marin Food Bank and help of the Dept. of Aging and Adult Services.  A special thank-you to CLC Community Connectors Deb Glen, Karen Holt, and Chester Williams for all they were able to do to coordinate volunteers, call recipients, and in general keep the faith that all things would work out.

And it did.  The staff of the Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center and the OMI Family Support Center have embraced our program and we will resume regular deliveries on alternating Tuesdays starting January 6th from the Rec Center.

In some faith traditions, January 6th is the Feast of the Epiphany, when three wise  men were believed to have found and delivered gifts to the newborn baby Jesus.  In the broader sense, an epiphany represents new insights that come as a result of grappling with a problem for some time.  Speaking for myself, the past month has been a lesson in the importance of establishing and cultivating relationships.  We are saddened when we see them slipping away, we are heartened when see them grow and strengthen.  We at CLC are once again reminded that  regardless of the issue, relationships are part of the solution.

We hope you enjoy a few pictures from our adventures in the parking lot to keep the food networks going over the month of December.  Learn more about the history of the program GDE Error: Unable to determine file type from URL

">here.  And now that we have a new home, we are looking for neighbors to join our team of amazing volunteers on Tuesdays (Parkmerced and OMI) and Fridays (Bayview) to help pack groceries and drive a small delivery route in the neighborhoods. If you can help, contact Marie at (415) 821‑1003 x1 or





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Turkeys Fly To Good Homes in Southside San Francisco

Before Deloris McGee left town, she helped organize the southside’s biggest holiday turkey delivery event to date. On December 17, 550 turkeys were delivered by volunteers to seniors, people with disabilities and families in the OMI, Parkmerced/University Park (PUP), Bayview neighborhoods and beyond. A special thank you is in order to the Glide Food Program for providing the turkey and fixings for the delivery and to I.T. Bookman Community Center and Olivet Missionary Baptist Church for hosting the sorting and packing for delivery.

Mamie Burgess and new CLC Community Connector Deb Glen helped coordinate the deliveries for OMI and PUP with the following organizations participating:

CLC OMI Food Delivery
CLC Park Merced / University Park Food Delivery
CLC Bayview Food Delivery
OMI – Community Based Organizations
Oceanview Merced Heights Ingleside Food Delivery
Park Merced University Park Food Delivery
I.T. Bookman Community Center
OMI Seniors Center
OMI Family Resource Center
Lutheran Church of Our Savior Seniors
OMI Seniors Volunteers
Temple United Methodist Church
Inner City Youth

The Bayview groups really expanded their delivery this year, with Veronica Shepard of Bayview Health and Wellness Center and CLC Community Connector Chester Williams taking the lead, with help from HP UNITI. Veronica summed it up well “We are here not just to feed people for a day but to connect people to services so they can live healthy and well for a lifetime.”  Participating groups included:
Alice Griffith Housing
Bayview Food Delivery Group
Bayview Health & Wellness Center
Bayview YMCA
Cancer Advocacy Research & Education (CARE)
Community Living Campaign
Community Youth Center
Imani Breast Cancer Group
Mother Brown’s Homeless Shelter
Olivet Missionary Baptist Church
Rafiki Coalition for Health & Wellness
Reducing Stigma in the South East (RSSE)
Samoan Solutions
San Francisco Flex Academy
San Francisco Unified School District
Southeast Facilities Commission
Thutmose Temple

Thanks to all who participated, both at volunteers and recipients, as it made the holidays a brighter, more community-minded time for us all.  Thanks to Etta Jones and Kate Kuckro for pictures of folks in action on December 17th’s Turkeypalossa.

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Swap Meet #3 Focuses on Assistive Technology and Fun

The 3rd Swap Meet brought together old and new partners to share information about ways that assistive technology can help make the internet available to all, regardless of hearing, vision or other disabilities. The video cameras from Tree Ring Production and our in-house video leader were rolling, and we hope to have some videos soon that present highlights soon. We appreciated the great overviews of assistive technology services available through the San Francisco Public Library, the Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired, the Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California, and the Independent Living Resource Center. And were reminded of how ReliaTech as a non-profit can provide low cost computers and internet access. CTN gave a demonstration of Skype, a great tool for how to “call” distant family members and video conference for  free across the miles. We also heard about efforts to create a Tech Council in San Francisco and launch a new Keep Us Connected campaign to increase paid and volunteer support in computer labs across the city. Stay tuned for a kick-off of this year’s campaign.

You can learn more about resources for those of us with vision and hearing loss at the Resource Page on this blog, provide in part from a grant from the Francis Goldsmith Initiative in partnership with the United Way of the Bay Area.

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Annual Breast Cancer Support Luncheon is Enjoyable and Informative

There was plenty of information to take home and share with friends.

There was plenty of information to take home and share with friends.

The Breast Cancer Support Group unveiled this year’s beautiful community quilt, which featured members’ digital photos.

The Breast Cancer Support Group unveiled their beautiful community quilt, which features members’ digital photos.

The LCOS Breast Cancer Support Group, located in San Francisco’s OMI neighborhood, held it’s annual luncheon at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior on October 16. The group meets regularly to support one another, and has organized activities including community quilts and healthy eating classes for its members.

The luncheon included an informative presentation by guest speaker Pamela Ratliff, MPA from Stanford Cancer Institute’s Community Partnership Program. She focuses on overcoming the cancer disparities such as the higher rate of breast cancer deaths African American women as compared to all other ethnic groups. Pamela encouraged everyone to be advocates for their own health – she covered everything from how to stay healthy, screening for breast cancer, and information for people currently battling the disease.

The Breast Cancer Support Group meets on the third Thursdays of the month, For more information please contact the Community Living Campaign at 415–821-1003 or Barbara Tate at 415– 505‑5899 or